Using Technology to Buy Art Online

Advanced technology is making it easier to buy art online

With much of the country under shelter-in-place orders in 2020, doing puzzles, cleaning out closets and baking bread have been popular activities during quarantine. Being stuck inside also made people realize their homes could use a little sprucing up and many decided to use this time as an opportunity to do some redecorating.
While people wanting to repaint a wall had several ways to get their supplies, those who were interested in buying original art to update their decor couldn’t just browse at the nearest big box store. Fortunately, the art world has kept up with e-commerce trends and made it easy to buy art online.

More people are buying art online

With so many art galleries and auction houses closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers turned to online outlets to find their new pieces. In fact, according to a report released by Hiscox, online-only auctions at Christies’ and other big auction houses in the first half of 2020 drew 436% more people than the same timeframe last year
Covid-19 may impact how people live beyond causing a desire to redecorate. After a brief slowdown when the pandemic started, Chicago-area realtors are seeing the house market rebound for a number of reasons.
  • A desire for more space: Some realtors predict an upswing in the number of people looking to move from urban to suburban homes that may offer more indoor space for a home office and outdoor space for socially distanced gatherings.
  • Location flexibility due to working remotely: As more companies are realizing employees are able to effectively work from home, some people are choosing to move since a commute is no longer a factor in where they live.
  • Secondary homes: People are looking for second homes to wait out the worst of the pandemic in less populated areas or to have a nearby escape during quarantine.

Since having more living space—whether in a larger home or a secondary home—results in more rooms to furnish and decorate, these factors indicate the trend of buying artwork online will continue.


Augmented reality lets you “see” artwork in your home

Just like you probably wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, some art buyers are hesitant to purchase new artwork online—especially bigger-ticket pieces—because they have a hard time envisioning what a piece will look like in their space. It’s one thing to shop online for popsicle-stick craft projects to keep your child quiet during your zoom meetings…but it’s another to use your phone or computer screen to invest in a piece of fine art so the wall behind you looks great during those zoom meetings.
Enter augmented reality (AR). You’ve probably used AR technology without even realizing it. If you’ve ever added a filter to your face on a social app, you were using augmented reality. AR creates an interactive experience where objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated information.
For an online art gallery, AR is the next best thing to shopping for art in person. This technology gives you the chance to “test drive” an artwork from anywhere by digitally transporting any of our artwork for sale to your home, office or whatever space you’d like it to be displayed.

How to use the AR tool on the Springboard Arts Chicago website

As part of our commitment to providing the best experience to our clients, AR technology is freely available for each piece listed in the online art shop section of our website. The tool works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops—just follow these simple steps to see how a painting, photo or sculpture can transform your space:
  1. Take a photo of the desired space for your new art (the photo should be centered and well-lit)
  2. Click the “Preview Artwork in Your Space” button on the page of the artwork you’re looking at on our website
  3. Select “Upload image” and choose the photo you want to use then click “Done”Click “Save and move next”’ once your photo uploads
  4. At this step, you can better define the area you want the art to be (such as adding exact height) or just hit click “Skip.”
  5. Click on the space in the photo where you’d place your art, hit “Done” and then “Save and move next.” 
  6. Voila…you can see and admire what the piece would look like if it were actually in your home.
You have the option to download the mocked-up photo to compare pieces, to view in another space or to share with friends and family. 
Please contact us If you have questions about any of the artwork we have for sale or for more help on using our augmented reality tool. We look forward to helping you find your perfect piece! 
Black & white oil painting on canvas by artist Ed Hinkley

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 Painting by Ed Hinkley: Zaira (After Calvino)


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