Gallery in the time of Covid

Chicago Art Gallery

A New Day in Art 

When the journey to open Springboard Arts Chicago began, the whole team agreed that we couldn’t base it on the existing studio gallery model. Though there are many successful art galleries in Chicago, we didn’t want to create a gallery where a newer art collector would feel too intimidated to visit. We knew it was a new day for the art world. After all, galleries are closing. To the entrepreneurial women on our team, copying the existing studio gallery model was not business-savvy.

A Different Kind of Chicago Art Gallery

Instead, we decided to do something different with our Chicago art gallery. Springboard Arts Chicago exists to serve both the artist and the client. We intend to go beyond the scope of a traditional gallery by working with our artists to prepare them to run their art practice as an art business.

But the experience will also be different for our visitors. We envisioned an art gallery where all would feel welcome to shop and get inspired. Our architect has designed an inviting space, and we will have friendly art-lovers on staff. Shopping at Springboard Arts Chicago is meant to be an interactive experience, one where exhibitions will be coupled with interactive and engaging programming.

But the world had different plans.

Springboard Arts Chicago Shifts Gears

Covid-19 brought our brick and mortar progress to a total standstill. The once-busy construction site suddenly sat idle and dust-covered, as permits were put on hold and resources were suddenly scarce. It was time to re-envision the entire Springboard Arts Chicago project.

Technology became the solution to our problem. We conducted virtual studio visits every day for weeks. We visited locations as far as Buenos Aires and Paris and as near as Evanston and Elgin. Though we had taken a detour on the journey, the way had become clear and we were back on track to bringing the vision to life.

And as we met the artists and became inspired by their work, we knew we had to open the gallery online first. We are proud to offer all these works online to you right now, and we hope that you will enjoy shopping our collection ahead of the physical opening. 

Slowly, as the state began reopening, permits started to come through and construction resumed. We still have work to do, but if you’re in Wicker Park, walk by our location at 1910 W. North Ave to get a sense of the Springboard Arts Chicago gallery. It’s a building from the 1910s, originally built as a book bindery factory. Our gallery will be on the bottom two floors.

Like everyone else, we are waiting for it to be safe to open our doors. But when we do, we are confident that we will bring our vision to life and you’ll experience what our team believes: Artwork feeds the soul. 

Black & white oil painting on canvas by artist Ed Hinkley

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 Painting by Ed Hinkley: Zaira (After Calvino)


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