Frequently asked questions

Who is the director of Springboard Arts? 

Donna Van Eekeren, who retired from her role as CEO and Executive Chairman of Land O’Frost, has formed Springboard Arts in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Her love of — and longstanding involvement with — the arts puts her at the helm of this venture in a manner that promises education, inclusion and creativity in a new way.

Who are the curators?

Our gallery entrepreneurs will begin the curation process for the inaugural exhibition in 2020. And, because we desire to share our love of art with others, this also means we will grow in the selection of industry-leading curators as we plan future exhibitions, engaging collectors that align with the artists’ work we have selected.

Who is on the board?

Because our organization is privately held, no board is formed for this venture.

What kind of artists would you like to feature?

We are open to all visual artists in all mediums. 

Is Springboard Arts currently hiring?

We’re not hiring at this time, but we will be growing our team for the launch. We encourage you to submit your resumé early at [email protected].

I am a glass artist. Can you tell me what you’re looking for?

We will have a section of the gallery for glass, ceramics and small objects, and we are accepting submissions for these. We encourage you to apply.

 Who pays for the transportation?

The artist pays to ship to the gallery, and Springboard Arts covers the cost of return shipping.

Can I submit a commission that has been installed?

It would be best to submit work you currently have available.

How much detail do you need for the sales list?

You may give a general idea of how your artwork sold in 2019 (and in 2020 if there have been any sales). Please include details such as volume of pieces sold and monetary range in USD.

If accepted, does the gallery exhibit physical works, or does it show artists’ work digitally?

We will show both in the gallery and online through our website / social media.

What are the insurance terms?

Springboard Arts provides insurance for your artwork while in our possession.

Do canvases have to be shipped on stretcher bars?


Can I do part of my submission now and the rest later?

You must fill out and submit the form in one sitting, as we do not offer a “save for later” option. It is recommended that you also upload all of your files and documents during the same sitting, so the jury has your complete materials to review.